Where do we go when we want to get away from it all?

Well, fair enough, there are many possible answers. We can go visit a friend and hang out; we can go to the club and dance our worries away; we can go to a café and read a book. There are many ways to unwind and release all of our stress. It is just a matter of preference.

But there is this special place where all of us can truly enjoy, no matter who you are, and no matter what kind of activities you like. It is in an intimate space within your very home. Yes, the home itself can be a relaxing place, but what I was referring to is the bathroom.

You heard that right. The bathroom is a peaceful sanctuary, more than just a place to do your “business” and get yourself clean. Here we will bask in the glory of that under-appreciated space and explore its every corner, with the simple goal of improving our own bathrooms in the future.

Welcome to ShowerTips!


You have just gotten a step closer to creating the bathroom of your dreams. That’s the reason you came to ShowerTips, yes? You want to learn more about all the great bathroom accessories so you could buy one that fits into your standards. You may have a certain vision – an idea of what a perfect bathroom will look like – and you are willing to go through lots of research and hark work just to make it real.

Let me be one of the first people to confirm that this dream is in fact very possible to achieve. With all the right bathroom essentials, this vision will quickly transform into a reality. Are you ready to make magic happen?
Well, the fastest way to do it is by reading all of the useful tips and tricks I have included in this ShowerTips site. I have several articles and guides that will light your way towards a better bathroom.

For instance, you can learn how to properly pick the best shower heads by reading my buying guide. This is perfect for when you want to go out and buy a replacement for your old one. There are so many choices out there in the market, and even online, which may be a bit overwhelming for homeowners like you. But that won’t be the case if you know what kind of shower head you are looking for.

ShowerTipsDo you want a fixed shower head or one that can be pulled from the wall? Do you want an LED-colored shower to brighten up your washing experience? Do you want a shower head that can play your music? The possibilities are endless. But I will show you all the things you need to inspect before buying one, so you would know if it is worth your money. Who says re-inventing your bathroom needs to be an expensive affair?

And if you are too busy to figure things out by yourself, you can always just read my shower head reviews out there. Choose one that seems to match your taste, have it installed and you are ready to go.
Same goes for every other bathroom accessory you can possibly need. I have detailed reviews and insightful guides that should lead your way to great product choice.

Now you may be wondering why you should be bothered to go through all this reading in the first place. Why visit ShowerTips at all?

Well, we all know how lovely it feels to step into the shower and wash our troubles away. Like I said, this is a sanctuary where we can relax and be free – even from our own clothes. No inhibitions whatsoever when you begin to scrub those dirt away.

There are many more advantages to having a beautiful bathroom, and I’ve decided to list some of them down.
It keeps us safe and healthy – The first and most important reason you will want to have a decent bathroom is because it keeps you safe from those pesky germs that try to crawl all over your skin. What’s the point of trying to clean yourself if the place you’re in is dirty itself? A nice and clean bathroom should keep you relaxed and safe at the same time. Even people who aren’t really into decorating their bathrooms should strive for a clean one at the very least.

It gives us the opportunity to think – Often we are so busy with our everyday lives that we can’t be bothered to stop and breathe, much less think. But once we sit on that royal throne, or once we step into the shower for a quick rinse, we often feel time stopping for a few moments – allowing us to ponder on the important things in our personal lives. We could use these precious moments to reflect on what is really going on in our heads, so we come out feeling refreshed both inside and out. The bathroom doesn’t just let us clean ourselves; it also allows us to cleanse our minds. And what better way to let all those thoughts flow smoothly, than by doing it in a great-looking bathroom?

It is perfect for romance – Realistically speaking, the bathroom is also used as a sanctuary of lovers. It can be used to share intimate moments, therefore allowing a couple to bond and grow together as partners. A high quality bathroom will heighten the romantic experience and take it to an entirely different level.

It lets you clean the kids – Let’s face it, it is not always easy to convince children to take a bath. But they would enjoy bath time better if they actually like how the bathroom looks. Toss in a few toys into the bath tub and clean them while they’re distracted with all the colors and bubbles.

It wraps up your home – Wouldn’t it be a bit out of place if your entire home looked good but your bathroom didn’t? Keeping this room in top condition will balance out the beauty of all the other rooms, wrapping an elegant bow into your wonderful home. If you have visitors over, they will simply marvel at your artistry once they enter your well-designed bathroom.

These are only some of the reasons why you will want to have a good bathroom. Believe it or not, you can enjoy all these benefits too, and the first step is by reading the articles on this site.
Again, welcome to ShowerTips.

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