ALFI Shower Head Rain12S Solid Square Ultra-Thin

Product Ratings And Summary

ALFI Shower Head
Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.6/5

Dedication and intricacy perhaps are the values that were inculcated in the modeling of ALFI Shower Head Rain12S 12 Inch. With a 12 inch side and 2mm thickness, the build of this shower head screams of luxury. Read on to know the specific features that the Rain can offer its users.

When choosing a beautiful Rain Type Shower that can blend in to any bathroom design, one can never go wrong with choosing a generously wide build that is thin overall. This is the achievement that ALFI unlocked in their brainchild, the Rain12S Solid Square Ultra-Thin Rain Shower. Boasting its coverage of 144 square inches, this work of art even raises the bar of standards by having a thickness of 2mm or 1/16 of an inch. Combining this interesting design with solid performance, ALFI Shower Head has catapulted itself into the elites of modern bathroom fixtures. Join us as we take an in depth analysis of this model.

ALFI Shower Head Design

ALFI Shower Head Functionality

ALFI Shower Head Pros

ALFI Shower Head Cons

Aside from its water output, not even the most meticulous critic can find an inch of bad review about this ALFI Shower Head. Right from its size, thickness and material build this craft is already a luxurious addition in your home. Coupled with performance and the option to easily clean the shower, this bathroom centerpiece really deserve to be on the front liner of modern day shower systems.

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