Ana Bath LSS5430CCP Lighted Shower Head

Product Ratings And Summary

lighted shower head
Design Rating 4.5/5

Functionality 4.8/5

If you are in search of a great combo shower with the lightning system, then this Ana Bath Lighted Shower Head might be the one. It is a perfect combination of technology and visual looks and is also created at an affordable rate.

Your bath time needs a good shower that can dispense water with effective water flow. This Lighted Shower Head by Ana Bath is a unique product that not only consists of two individual heads, but also has a beautiful blue lightning that falls on the dispensed water.



Pros of this Lighted Shower Head


And finally, this combo shower head is creative and can be easily installed at your home. Powered with the latest technologies and handheld dual options, your dream of a delightful shower with a great bathing experience can now come true. This Lighted Shower Head is made from stainless steel and the finish will surely last a lifetime. The shower is retractable and can be easily used even by the kids and even for bathing your pets.

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