Top 9 Best Shower Heads That Are Worth Your Consideration

Everyone loves a good shower. It is one of the best ways to relieve stress, especially after a long and tiring day. The water relaxes our bodies, and also literally cleanses us of all the dirt we’ve accumulated during our activities. It keeps us healthy, clean, and happy. The shower is also a good place to think things through, and pay attention to all of our deepest thoughts. Good shower can only be with the Best Shower Heads!

Best Shower Heads

With all those benefits in mind, we can surely confirm the importance of a great and effective shower head. There are many different models out there that are being sold at various prices and with various functions that can overwhelm the first time buyer.

But if you are familiar with all the terms and functions that a specific unit can offer, you know that picking the Best Shower Heads is only a matter of preference and budget. Luckily, you have stumbled upon this handy guide that will show you a few examples of the best shower heads that you can possibly come across while searching for the perfect one.

These are the best of the best in terms of service quality, and giving you that specific service you require. Some people like listening to music while showering; some people like high pressure massages; some people just want a decent and functional unit.

On this list of the Best Shower Heads you will find at least one example for every kind, so that you will be familiar with the Best Shower Heads that you must aim for when buying your very own. The only thing you have to do now is read on. Let’s have a closer look.

The Rainfall Best Shower Heads (click for full list)

Design Rating 4.5/5

Functionality 4.8/5

Best Shower Heads

If you are a fan of rainy weather, and love showering in the rain, then you will simply adore having a rainfall shower system on your very own bathroom. It gives you a performance similar to having your very own rain cloud. The Moen S6320 Velocity 8'' Two-Function Rain Showerhead is a good model to go for if you want water pouring over your head, instead of from a certain wall angle. This is a good choice if you can’t decide whether to go for a drizzle-like low pressure option, or a storm-like high pressure Shower Head.

It lets you switch easily between those two options with just a flick of a lever, so you could continuously enjoy your shower without pushing too many buttons. The low pressure option concentrates the water flow to only 30 nozzles for a calm, soothing bath. The high pressure function works with up to a hundred nozzles. It’s like being sprayed by a fire hydrant, only less painful and more relaxing.

It delivers a maximum water flow of 2.5 gallons per minute, complementing the model’s Immersion Technology that adds even more pressure to your shower. This high-tech function makes use of a self-pressurizing system that increases the water’s force. This is the perfect shower for users who love heavy rain, as well as light ones.

Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.6/5

Delta Showerhead

Best Shower Heads aren’t always the most eye-catching objects in any household, and your visitors won’t be spending too much time admiring its looks, rather on its impressive performance. Despite this well-known fact, nobody is stopping you from getting a model that really makes your bathroom look like a five-star hotel. And one good way to do that is by getting the Delta Showerhead RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan. Performance-wise, it doesn’t really stand out from the rest of its competitors. But make no mistake; it is an excellent rainfall shower that would definitely be a pleasure to have in your home.

While it doesn’t come with a lot of fancy bonus features, it truly delivers in terms of service.
It is a simple, yet beautifully-designed model that can add an air of luxury to your bathroom. It is made of durable brass, and comes in a variety of finishes such as Chrome, Pearl Nickel, Polished Brass, Stainless, and Venetian Bronze. Go for the Polished Brass finish if you really want a glamorous design, because it has a nearly-golden color. The rest are also very appealing to the eyes.

Like most rainfall showers, you will appreciate the flow rate on this beauty, delivering 2.5 gallons per minute. With its elegance and effectiveness, this is one that you wouldn’t want to pass up on.

The Handheld Best Shower Heads (click for full list)

Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.8/5

PULSE Showerspas 1011-CH

Handheld Best Shower Heads have always been very popular, and that is all thanks to their flexibility and ease-of-use. Some people like to have a little more control, so a stationary one just wouldn’t do the trick. Now if you want a handheld of your own, you must try the PULSE Showerspas 1011-CH Kauai Retro, because it can give you an impressive service.

Firstly, it was designed to install as easily as possible, meaning you can do it all by yourself using an existing valve. With professional assistance, the installation process will take as quickly as 20 minutes, but even on your own, it will only take up to 1 hour or so. Who says replacing your old shower head should be difficult?

These Best Shower Heads feature a rainfall shower system, meaning it sprays over your head to recreate an actual downpour. But since we are after versatility and control, you will more likely appreciate the handheld shower wand. The multifunction spray head is mounted on an integrated brass slide bar that allows you to adjust its height. Overall, this is a great choice if you are in need of a quick and easy replacement for your old unit.

These Best Shower Heads feature a rainfall shower system, meaning it sprays over your head to recreate an actual downpour. But since we are after versatility and control, you will more likely appreciate the handheld shower wand. The multifunction spray head is mounted on an integrated brass slide bar that allows you to adjust its height. Overall, this is a great choice if you are in need of a quick and easy replacement for your old unit.

Design Rating 4.5/5

Functionality 4.7/5

Grohe Rainshower

If you are ready to spend a little bit more on a shower head just to ensure that you are getting a maximum quality of performance, then you might as well go with the Grohe Rainshower 2714000. To give you a bit of background information, this is one of the most expensive models on this list of the Best Shower Heads. But don’t be discouraged just yet, because it is currently priced at only a little over $300 dollars, which is still very wallet-friendly.

It works similarly to the PULS Showerspas 1011-CH Kauai, in the way both models are incredibly easy to install. This eliminates the need to open your bathroom wall, because it conveniently attaches to an existing valve. You might not even need to call for professional help just to get this up and running. These Best Shower Heads also offer a great rain shower experience.

One notable advantage when getting this Best Shower Head is that it gives you a lot of spray options to choose from. That includes Rain, Jet, and Laminar, which have different patterns and levels of pressure.
With a few more functions than your regular handheld shower models, these Best Shower Heads really give you great value for your money. Every dollar spent should be worth it.

The High Pressure Best Shower Heads (click for full list)

Design Rating 4.7/5

Functionality 4.8/5

Speakman S-3015 Retro

Some people are not satisfied by a regular shower, because they want their bodies to be massaged by water. If you are one of the people who love their water stream strong, then a high pressure shower head should do just the thing for you.

And what better way to do that than by embracing an old Shower Head that has been revamped and upgraded for modern use? The Speakman Shower Head S-3015 Anystream Retro is ready to give you a blast from the past. This retro design is back from the 1920’s, and is ready to appeal to the modern masses.
These Best Shower Heads currently cost a little less than $150 dollars, making it one inexpensive model that will get along well with your wallet.

It comes equipped with 8 adjustable spray jets that are able to produce 64 individual sprays, while turning low pressure water into incredible blasts of force. With a 2.5 gpm water flow, you are sure to get that well-deserved massage. The construction is impressive, because it makes use of a solid brass body that ensures durability. This is enhanced by a polished chrome finish. This combination ensures a lifetime of great service from a model that has been pleasing users for decades.

Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.6/5

Thunderhead - TH2.5 - High Pressure Rain Shower Head

There are many unique things that make the Thunderhead TH2.5 stand out from the crowd. But before we discuss those things, we will first talk about all the similarities it has with all the other Best Shower Heads. First of all, it has a great spray power. So if you are looking for a model that can really put the pressure on, this is a wise choice to make. It makes use of a pressure chamber that evenly disperses water from ninety different spray jets. Like most high pressure models, these Best Shower Heads convert low pressure water into a force to be reckoned with.

If you seek to be drenched within the first few seconds of your shower, then you’re in luck, because the wide diameter track spread allows that. Lastly, it is very easy to install, thanks to the shower arm coupling that that secures easily into the shower pipe without requiring any tools.

As for the features that make it stand out: these Best Shower Heads can be used as either a rainfall or a fixed one. Angle it over your head and you’ve got yourself a heavy rain simulator. You can also fold the spray arm backwards, so as to use it as a standard stationary shower. As if we weren’t impressed yet, this Best Shower Head is currently priced at less than $40 dollars.

The Double/Dual Best Shower Heads (click for full list)

Design Rating 4.5/5

Functionality 4.8/5

Ana Bath LSS5430CCP

Sometimes it can be hard to select between two Best Shower Heads, especially if you haven’t decided what kind of shower head you want in the first place. A fixed one could be more sufficient for your usual shower needs, but a handheld one could be great too. So why choose when you can have both at the same time? Take the Ana Bath LSS5430CCP Lighted Shower Head for example.

This is chrome-finished dual Shower Head gives you two separate functions, one a handheld and one a stationary. Not only that, it provides five different spray functions to choose from, including saturating spray, massage spray, bubbling spray, saturating with massage spray, and saturating with bubbling spray.
With this amazing array of options, you should get comfortable with your showering experience from the first time you try this out.

It also features a blue LED light that helps you calm down and relax more. That’s just another great thing to look forward to when buying these Best Shower Heads. There have been some cases however, wherein this Lighted Shower Head started emitting noise for no discernable reason. Should this happen to you, make sure you contact customer service to help fix the problem. Otherwise, this is a great pick to go for.

The LED Best Shower Heads (click for full list)

Design Rating 4.9/5

Functionality 4.6/5

DreamSpa® AquaFan 12

We rarely experience problems with our showers, but when we do, it’s usually because of the temperature, or simply because we can’t convince our children to finally take a bath. With an LED light up shower head, however, these problems are in the past. The DreamSpa AquaFan 12” Led Rain Shower Head for example, solves both of these problems easily. These Best Shower Heads let you determine the water’s temperature by simply looking at the LED light’s color.

You no longer have to worry about accidentally getting scalded, because your water flashes red when the temperature reaches over 122 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water is blue, that means it is cold; if the water is green, that means it is warm; and if the water is red, that tells you that it is getting hot.

So in addition to not getting scalded, you will also find it easier to convince your kids to step into the shower, because boring water is suddenly transformed into an entertaining light show. If you think having a LED light up gadget like this one will be too expensive for you to manage, well it’s safe to say that you are mistaken. That’s because the Shower Head requires no batteries, meaning the LED is powered by running water. With all its benefits, you will finally experience getting a rainbow shower.

The Bluetooth Best Shower Heads (click for full list)

Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.8/5


Other than relaxing, thinking, and cleaning, everyone knows that the shower is also a place for singing.
The bathroom’s acoustics just makes it the perfect place to belt out our favorite tunes. But did you know that you can enjoy that personal concert while actually playing your favorite music? Yes, that’s possible through the help of a decent Bluetooth shower system, like the Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Shower Head K-9245-CP. It functions as a typical shower head, and it also works as regular speaker, except they are rolled into one convenient product that you can enjoy in your bathroom.

With a price that goes for currently less than a hundred dollars, you will find it impressive how it does both jobs perfectly. In terms of shower functionality, it gives off quite a powerful stream. The flow rate is up to 2.5 gallons per minute, which as you may already know, is the maximum flow rate allowed by law. It is incredibly durable, being made of solid metal and having a polished chrome finish.

As for its capabilities as a speaker, it is very handy because it can be popped in and out of the unit for easy recharging. You can even use it in other rooms. The sound quality is good, the volume is impressive, and the speaker is available in a variety of colors. Not a bad way to spend a hundred dollars, is it?

Now that you have finished reading this guide, you are that much closer to finding the Best Shower Heads for your bathroom. Whether you are looking for your first shower head, or you simply want a replacement that works better than your first one, it is important to know what exactly you are looking for.

You must determine what kind of service you want your shower system to give. On this guide, you have been introduced to a few kinds of Best Shower Heads that give a wide variety of services. You have also been introduced to the best examples out in the market today.

If you want flexibility and control over the spray wand, you should try out a Best Handheld Shower Heads, because it will allow you to pull it out of the wall. This gives you unlimited angles to work with, especially if you want to be gentler on your skin. If you somehow want one that sprays over you while you take control of the handheld, a Dual Shower Head will suit you better.

You know that there is also a kitchen faucets with Handheld Shower Heads. One of the best is Kraus KPF-1602, and you can read it full review at our partners website ""

If your water pressure is weak due to plumbing problems, or you simply want a strong stream of water to massage your body, then a High Pressure Shower Head pick should serve you fine.

If you want a fun and colorful shower, you may opt for an Led Shower Heads or a Bluetooth Shower Heads.
Choosing the right one is only a matter of determining which one can give you the shower experience of your dreams.