Reviews Of The Top 3 Best Bluetooth Shower Heads That Are Worth Buying

Coming home after a long day of work is very rewarding, especially when you know that you can have a well-deserved shower. You can relax while the water pours down upon your tired body, washing all your stress and problems away. What could possibly be better?

Well, as awesome as showers already are, there are still many different ways to improve the entire experience. There are best shower heads out there that can give you an additional service that can suit your personal preferences. For example, if you want a massage, there are high pressure shower heads you can use for the job. If you want to bring color to your everyday showers, you can buy yourself a top rated LED shower heads. There’s a design for everyone.

Now if you consider yourself an audiophile or a music lover, there is one type of product that may attract your interest. They are called Bluetooth shower heads, and they can dish out your favorite tunes while you dance away in the shower.

Who says you have to sing acapella, when you can have an entire concert right inside your very own bathroom? Here are some of the best Bluetooth Shower Heads to get you started:

The Top 3 Shower Heads With Integrated Wireless / Bluetooth Audio:

Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.8/5

Bluetooth Shower Heads

Let’s start this handy guide by introducing you to the KOHLER K-9245-CP, as this is one of the best Bluetooth Shower Heads out there. It functions as a typical shower head, and it also works as a typical speaker, except they are rolled into one convenient product of pure awesomeness.

At a price of currently less than a hundred dollars, you will find it impressive that it does both jobs very well. In terms of shower functionality, it gives off quite a powerful stream. It delivers a water flow rate of up to 2.5 gallons per minute, which as you may already know, is the maximum flow rate allowed by law.

It is also incredibly durable, being constructed of solid metal, and having a polished chrome finish. Now talking about its capabilities as a speaker, it also shines bright among the rest of the competition. First of all, you will find it convenient that the speaker can be popped in and out of it. Not only is it easy to recharge after hours of partying in the bathroom, you can also use the speaker in other rooms as well! The sound quality is good, the volume is loud, and the speaker is available in a variety of colors. Not a bad way to spend a hundred dollars, is it?

Design Rating 4.3/5

Functionality 4.7/5

Bluetooth Shower Heads

If you are a little tight on your budget, but you still want a great way to enjoy your music while in the shower, you must check out the Bidet4me Msh-10. This one currently goes for a little less than $60 dollars, so that should help you allocate funds on other things, without having to settle for a low-quality solution. It makes use of water saving technology to help you save up to 30 percent of your usual consumption. So not only are you saving money upon initial purchase, this Bluetooth Shower Head allows you to progressively reduce your water bill.

About the speaker’s performance, it works similarly to the usual models, because it can be easily detached from the main shower head for recharging or for partying beyond the limits of your bathroom. Of course, that goes without saying that the speaker is completely water resistant.

Additionally, it is very easy to install. The moment you have this up your bathroom wall, you can simply connect it to your music playing devices for unlimited musical fun. It is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices including smart phones, tablets, other mobile devices, and personal computers. Saving money and saving energy is a top priority among many buyers. After all, who wants to be stressed out while installing a tool that’s supposed to relax you?

Design Rating 4.4/5

Functionality 4.4/5

Bluetooth Shower Heads

There are affordable Bluetooth Shower Heads everywhere in the market for you to choose from. And then there are models such as the H2O Vibe Rain Showerhead Jet that gives you an extremely affordable price while giving you an amazingly impressive performance. Here is where we meet a shower system that truly goes the distance just to give a high quality service.

At a price of a little over $40 dollars, you can get this great model that has plenty of usable features for your enjoyment. Let’s start with the shower head itself: this wonderful model has a polished chrome finish that gives it a sleek, stylish look while also providing additional durability.

It provides an ultra-wide rain shower that makes use of a powerful stream to really get you drenched. These Bluetooth Shower Heads are perfect for people who like getting massaged by water. It’s similar to getting a luxurious spa treatment. The speaker is also very nice, since it features an enhanced noise reduction. Rest assured, you will be hearing more music than just static. It is also convenient because it can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device even from 33 feet away. It has that added function that lets you push a speak button to answer calls even while showering! There are a lot of things to love about the H2o Vibe that you must see for yourself.

Last Words about Bluetooth Shower Heads

Have you ever dreamed of having music rain down upon you? Now you can, thanks to these incredible Bluetooth Shower Heads.

The ones on this list provide a decent shower experience, which is upgraded tenfold by the fact that it lets you listen to your favorite tunes.

With this, you will never have to get bored while scrubbing away, because you can just sing along to your music. And since many people also take time to ponder about life while showering, they can now do that while hearing a relaxing song that can really straighten out their thoughts.

The possibilities provided by a best Bluetooth Shower Heads are endless! The good news is you can have one for yourself, now that you are familiar with some of the best ones out there. Go ahead and get more Best Shower Heads >>>