The Recommended 3 Best LED Shower Heads For The Money (+ Reviews)

Showering is never a dull experience. People enjoy it, because it is an effective way of getting yourself clean, and also reducing stress. Some people even look forward to having that shower after a long, tiring day of activities. So how could you possibly make this experience even more exciting? How can you take something that people already enjoy and upgrade it to a whole new level of greatness?

For shower heads, you can introduce LED lights!

These water activated LED Shower Heads can add a dash of fun and color to an otherwise normal bathroom routine. Imagine washing yourself as a rainbow of colors pour down upon you. It’s a unique form of entertainment that can really spice up your showers. Whether you prefer LED or Bluetooth shower heads is completely up to you.

Additionally, your children will love taking baths, now that their shower is a lot more colorful. Convincing them to get in there will be a much less difficult task. Now how do you get one of these shower heads for your own use? Well, you can choose a great model from some of the ones we have listed down below. These are sure to delight and entertain you each time you step into the bathroom for a wash. Let’s have a closer look at these awesome models:

The 3 Recommended LED Shower Heads:

Design Rating 4.9/5

Functionality 4.6/5

LED Shower Heads

Here we have a shower head that adds a bit more purpose to the LED light functionality. The DreamSpa AquaFan gives you another excuse to opt for a colorful shower rather than having that regular, boring water stream. That’s because the water’s temperature is indicated by the color of the LED.

You no longer have to fear about accidentally getting scalded, because the water’s color will shift to a flashing red, if the temperature exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, it will be blue if the water is cold, which is below 95 degrees; green if it is warm, which ranges from 95-109 degrees; and red if it is hot, wherein the temperature is 109 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, you would not have to spend extra just to keep the LED functioning. These LED Shower Heads require no batteries, because it is powered by running water. That means you get to enjoy all its benefits without having to suffer financially.

In fact, this model is very affordable, same with the rest of the LED units on this list. Currently, you can get this for a price of a little over $50 dollars. That’s even cheaper than regular shower heads. This 12-inch model has an all-chrome finish and offers a high-powered rainfall experience that you wouldn’t want to pass up on.

Design Rating 4.7/5

Functionality 4.6/5

LED Shower Heads

If you are on a tight budget, and you want a great shower head to replace your old one, why not go for the most inexpensive one on this guide? The PowerSpa All-Chrome promises a ‘supercharged’ performance, for a price that currently does not reach over $30 dollars. Yes, you read that right. You can have a straight upgrade of your old model without having to spend too much. This is a nice way to bring new light to your plain old bathroom – literally.

It features seven different colors that change every few seconds, and your kids will just love playing around with the dazzling water while you scrub them. There’s also no need for batteries, because the lights are powered by running water. Be mindful though, that since the LED is powered by water, there’s no turning it off until you shut the water flow. That said, it offers a simple and convenient experience, which you can readily enjoy as soon as you install it.

These LED Shower Heads also boast a Supercharged Air Turbine Design that boosts the water pressure performance by automatically introducing oxygen into the water flow. Lastly, you will appreciate the four spray settings: rain, massage, rain/massage mix, and water-saving economy. These give you even more versatility and control, as if the light show wasn’t entertaining enough.

Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.6/5

LED Shower Heads

The ]DreamSpa Color-Changing LED Shower Head[/easyazon_link works just as well as its brother, the DreamSpa AquaFan. Functionality-wise, it is very similar, wherein the temperature adjusts the LED lights color. It has all the same colors, blue, green, red, and flashing red, depending on how cold or how warm your water is. Because of that, you would normally see the green and red colors more often than the blue and flashing red, since you want your shower to remain comfortable for your skin.

It is also powered by running water, so you wouldn’t have to buy any batteries, just to get the lights working. There have been a few complaints about the LED not working properly sometimes, so you might want to ensure that your model works before purchasing it.

In terms of the overall performance, you will be pleased by the 5 spray settings that you can choose from: Power Rain and Pulsating Massage both offer a higher water pressure, for heavy-duty cleaning; Hydro-Mist and Economy Rain are more focused on water consumption; and the Water-Saving Pause lets you stop halfway through a shower. With its easy-to-install body, and extra large chrome face, there are a lot of things to love about these LED Shower Heads that other models don’t offer. That’s not bad for something that is priced at a little over $30 dollars.

Last Words about the LED Shower Heads

Showering is a fun activity that can be made even more fun with the help of these great LED light up shower head models.

As you may have noticed, these models are all incredibly affordable (unlike the brands in the handheld shower heads section), because their main focus is simply bringing more color to your bathroom experience. If you want a product with higher quality head over to the reviews of the best shower heads that you can find on the market. Luckily, the models on this list also go the distance, and offer a bit more than that, to ensure maximum enjoyment for their users. With the help of their varying spray options, adjustable angles, and entertaining LED light performances, you can find yourself becoming the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.