Bidet4me MSH-10 GPM Rain Musical Showerhead

Product Ratings And Summary

Musical Showerhead
Design Rating 4.3/5

Functionality 4.7/5

The Bidet4me MSH-10 Musical Showerhead and Waterproof Speaker is a vibrant bathroom fixture to the modern day home. It offers a techie upgrade upon home imporvement especially with its Wireless and Waterproof speaker that can play for almost half a day without any cuts. It also has a call function, allowing you to have a conversation while taking a quick rinse without the fear of having an unclear call thanks to its built-in noise cancellation technology.

There is indeed poetry even in the most routine tasks. Bidet4me wants to prove this notion in their newest innovation, the MSH-10 Musical Showerhead and Waterproof Speaker. Combining several acoustic engineering ideas with the latest contemporary designs, the manufacturer wanted to create the perfect shower for every music lover. What they wanted to initially achieve was a shower system that would allow you to play music and answer calls while taking a shower- without the worry that your phone or music device might get wet. In order to meticulously investigate whether these goals were really achieved, join us for another quick review of this techie shower head.





Aside from the limited color available with this bathroom fixture, we actually think that Bidet4me was able to deliver its objective to its users and that is to deliver a powerful shower that can at the same offer a lively stream of music. The microphone was a lovely addition and the noise cancellation technology was also a must. Overall, this Musical Showerhead is a strategic addition to the modern day man.

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