DreamSpa® AquaFan 12″ Led Rain Shower Head with Color-Changing LED/LCD Temperature Display

Product Ratings And Summary

Led Rain Shower Head
Design Rating 4.5/5

Functionality 4.8/5

The major functions of this Led Rain Shower Head are basic and yet very important. You will be indicated about the temperature of the water and if the water is getting too hot, a flashing red light will be emitted. The chrome finish will last a lifetime and you will not have to spend money on its installation or maintenance.

Any faucet will look great when it glows in the dark and has a great performance. What if I told you that you can now illuminate your bathroom with different lights and enjoy your every day bath with a perfect water pressure at the same time? Yes, this is now possible with the DreamSpa Aquafan Led Rain Shower Head that has a great showerhead and a fabulous lighting system.

Design And Functionality

Pros of this Led Rain Shower Head

Cons of this Led Rain Shower Head

In the end, this is a great shower which means that you get everything you want in one package. Cool LEDs, great pressure, waterfall showering experience and peaceful environment to get your daily relaxing shower in. It is reasonably priced and will give you the all the essential features that a Led Rain Shower Head needs.

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