DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower

Product Ratings And Summary

DreamSpa Shower Head
Design Rating 4.5/5

Functionality 4.8/5

Pairing off its engineering features with elegance in design, DreamSpa was able to maximize both ends in this model. The DreamSpa Shower Head has two showerheads, one is fixed while the other can be used as a handheld shower- offering a new level of diversity to the user. Its three-way diverter also allows you to use each individual shower alone, or together at the same time. Its 7 unique spray functions also gives a wide array of choice to all users regardless of their preferences.

The DreamSpa Shower Head promises to meet both ends in accordance to the demands in functionality and design from many users. As far as we are concerned, they have pulled this off decently with a few setbacks like material build, which in turn is just essential and expected for lightweight shower systems. Overall this system can be best placed in homes with a minimalist design, an elegant addition to highly functional home improvement fixtures.





In its attempt to maximize the choices of their customers, DreamSpa has innovated a shower system which can work as a shower head and a hand shower- the DreamSpa Shower Head 3-Way Rainfall and Handheld Combo. The shower heads of this 3-Way Shower can be used alone or in chorus with each other for a complete immersive bathing experience. With this newest addition in their shower system line, they have promised to incorporate engineering genius with luxurious design. Join us as we go over and evaluate whether the specific functionalities of this product make or break the DreamSpa Shower Head for many people.

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