PowerSpa Color Changing Shower Head

Product Ratings And Summary

Color Changing Shower Head
Design Rating 4.7/5

Functionality 4.6/5

This is a fine PowerSpa Color Changing Shower Head that has everything going for it. The light, effective water pressure, saving water and latest technologies are all loaded in this product. It is reasonably priced and your kids will be thrilled to have it in their bathrooms.

Having a relaxing shower can make or break your day. Research has shown that people who take a bath daily have a fresh outlook towards life and become more productive in their work. How can you achieve a bath that will give you the prefect pressured water and will reduce your energy bill at the same time? The answer is a good and efficient Color Changing Shower Head.

Design And Functionality



PowerSpa has been known to produce sensational shower heads that are creative and efficient. This Color Changing Shower Head is one of the finest showerheads available in the market. It has a high-grade chrome finish that will last a lifetime and also changes colors via LED.

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