Thunderhead – TH2.5 High Pressure Rain Shower Head

Product Ratings And Summary

High Pressure Rain Shower Head
Design Rating 4.6/5

Functionality 4.6/5

Delivering a high pressure system, the Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Rain Shower Head lives up to its name of gushes and torrents. This fixture can rain down constant downpours to one, giving the user a thorough washing up experience, something which many brands have forgotten due to being too focused in aesthetics. This High Pressure Rain Shower Head may look simple, but the intricacies and engineering that is clock worked within it to deliver high pressures at the same input requirement is not a simple task.

The Thunderhead brings about an imagery in our minds of heavy downpours and deep splashes of torrents. The TH2.5 Thunderhead High Pressure Rain Shower Head aims to live up to that narrative through its high pressure chamber which was just announced early last year. Through several steps in research and engineering design, it had been released in the market with an equally flood like support from their users. But does it really live up to its expectation or is it just hype that opened the floodgates for this shower system’s debut? Read on as we discuss the different dynamics that surround this product right from its design towards its performance.





Although its finish may not suit everyone’s preference, the Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Rain Shower Head never fails to deliver what it initially promised to give- high pressure and effective rain type shower experience. Due to this factor, it is also easy to clean relative to most models. We wish this model had a chrome finish variant, but other than that, this model performs extremely well in the field of the shower industry.

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